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Covid-19 update

All our services remain fully operational, with phone, Skype, Teams and other conference calls being conducted in place of face to face meetings. You will still receive the same high level of service with all our service agreement levels being met. If you have a family member who requires our services, we are offering all our clients a “Family Referral” scheme, so please let us know via the Contact tabs on our website and we will be happy to help. To all our partners and clients, we extend our full support and well wishes at this difficult and challenging time.

Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPAs)

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that you (the donor) make using a special form.

It allows you to choose someone now (the Attorney) that you trust to make decisions on your behalf about things such as your property and financial affairs or health and welfare at a time in the future when you no longer wish to make those decisions, or you may lack the mental capacity to make those decisions yourself. There are two types of LPA – Health & Welfare and Property & Financial Affairs.

Lasting power of attorney covering property and finance

The Property and Financial Affairs LPA allows you to choose a person you trust to make decisions about how to spend your money and the way your property and affairs are managed. Once registered, and unless you have put a restriction on it, this type of LPA can be used by your attorney(s) straight away.

Lasting power of attorney covering health and welfare

The Health and Welfare LPA allows you to choose someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf relating to your personal healthcare and welfare including decisions to give or refuse consent for treatment on your behalf and deciding where you live. These decisions can only be taken on your behalf when the LPA has been registered and you lack the capacity to make the necessary decision for yourself.

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