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Covid-19 update

All our services remain fully operational, with phone, Skype, Teams and other conference calls being conducted in place of face to face meetings. You will still receive the same high level of service with all our service agreement levels being met. If you have a family member who requires our services, we are offering all our clients a “Family Referral” scheme, so please let us know via the Contact tabs on our website and we will be happy to help. To all our partners and clients, we extend our full support and well wishes at this difficult and challenging time.

Will Storage

It is quite acceptable to keep your Will in a safe place at home.

However, if you were to die in a house fire and the Will was destroyed at the same time, then you would have died without a valid Will. If your Will is damaged in any way which could cast doubt on its intent, then the courts might deem it to be invalid. In addition, a large number of wills go missing or are fraudulently altered each year. In order to avoid this is it is advisable to keep your will in a secure fireproof deposit. We offer two options for storing your Will;

Storage only

For a small annual fee, your Will is kept in our secure fireproof storage facility. Your executors, friends and family you wish us to contact are notified of the location of the Will so it can easily be retrieved in the event of your death. This gives you peace of mind that your will cannot be destroyed, lost or forged by a disgruntled relative.

Storage & updating

In addition to storing your Will and contacting your executors, friends & family, the annual fee for this service covers any changes you wish to make to your Will whilst you maintain the facility without incurring additional expense.

Whatever you decide, it is important that your executors are informed about the storage arrangements.