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Document Storage

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Please send your Wills back to:
James McKenzie (Wills) Ltd, Old Station House, London Road, East Grinstead RH19 1EP

Please also photocopy your Will(s) prior to sending them back to us as a £10 (inc VAT) postage and handling fee will apply per Will if you would like us to post you a copy back (we can email copies of the signed Wills free of charge).

It is quite sufficient to keep your Will in a safe place at home. However, if you were to die in a house fire and the Will was destroyed at the same time, you may have died without a valid Will. If your Will is damaged in any way which could cast doubt on its intent, the courts may deem it invalid. A large number of Wills go missing or are fraudulently altered each year, so to avoid this it is advisable to keep your Will in a secure fireproof deposit.

Document Storage by James McKenzie ensures your Will is stored securely onsite in water and fireproof safes.

If you opt to pay to store your documents with us, we have partnered with BePrepared (referred to as The Vault) to also provide you with a complimentary, secure and encrypted digital safe for all your digital assets. The Vault is a highly encrypted and secure cloud storage platform where you will keep all of your most important records. Once set up, you can log in here JM Wills Vault (

In the event of your death, the Vault will quickly and securely deliver your digital files to your executors or administrators.

As part of the service, James McKenzie will register your Wills on Certainty the National Will Register, at no additional expense (the usual cost is £30). If a loved one or close friend attempts to locate your Will online and visits the UK’s largest database, they will be redirected through to James McKenzie to assist with releasing the Will.

By electing the document storage service by annual direct debit, you will have the peace of mind that your Wills are safe and secure and that your Will cannot be destroyed, lost, or forged by a disgruntled relative.


The Standalone Storage and Digital Vault 

Single - £22.50 per annum
Couple - £32.50 per annum


Annual Storage and Digital Vault and Updating Service

The Annual Storage & Updating Service offers not only the secure storage of your Will, but the opportunity to review and revise your Wills over the phone anytime with our qualified team.

If you feel that you may need to discuss and update your Will frequently, then the storage and updating service provides you with the ability to talk through any potential amendments when they may occur, the implications of such amendments and new final versions of your Will(s) issued as required without any additional fees incurred. If the amendments do not fall within your current level of service (Standard or Advanced) then additional fees may apply.

Single - £60.00 per annum
Couple - £85.00 per annum

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a) The Term, ‘the Company’, shall mean James McKenzie (Wills) Ltd.

b) The Term, ‘the Client’ shall mean you; the term ‘you’ and ‘your’ shall mean ‘the Client’.

c) The Term, ‘your Will’ shall mean your Will or Wills stored with the Company.

d) The Term, ‘the Executors’ shall mean your executors, trustees, guardians and other friends and family of the Client.


a) On receipt of your Will, the Company will confirm they have been signed properly and following the law.

b) Your Will is placed in the Company’s fireproof storage facility and a unique ID Number is ascribed to your file.

c) The Company will provide you with an emailed copy of the signed Will on request.

d) The Company will create a secure digital vault (BePrepared) account for you and upload a digital copy of your Will. A link to the digital vault will be sent to you via email, it is your responsibility to complete the account set-up and nominate the relevant persons to be contacted in the event of your death.

e) The Vault will notify you to review and update your Will on a regular basis.

f) If you want to change your Will considering legislative changes or for any other reason, please contact the Company directly.

g) If you or the Executors move house or change email addresses, you should update the Vault and the Company as soon as possible (we will need to update the physical document).

h) If you need to make any changes to your Will(s), you will pay the appropriate fees before the Company undertakes any additional work.

i) The Company reserves the right to return any documents held in the Company’s storage facility to you via recorded post, to the last known address informed to us by you if payment remains outstanding after 45 days from the date of annual renewal.

j) Your Will shall be registered with Certainty, the National Will Register, unless you wish to opt out of this service.

k) Certainty, the national will register, records the existence and tags the location of your Will so those that need to can find it easily. The existence of your Will is confidential, and it is only when you have passed away and the person searching has a legitimate interest, that its existence will be declared. Only your name and address will be provided to the Register.

l) The Company reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any point. The Company guarantees to maintain the same service for 12 months after application.

m) Should a price increase be applied, we will notify you and update the first annual premium payment due after the increase. If you do not wish to continue using our storage service, please notify us at [email protected]



All the above terms and conditions for Storage apply, with the additional terms below:

a) Amendments to your Will are covered by the annual premium.

b) If you elect to change from the Standard to Advanced Will Service, you will be charged the difference between the services.

c) The usual Will amendment fee where storage and updating have not been selected is £30+VAT to revise 1 area of a single Will.

d) The Company reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any point. The Company guarantees to maintain the same service for 12 months after application.

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