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Covid-19 update

All our services remain fully operational, with phone, Skype, Teams and other conference calls being conducted in place of face to face meetings. You will still receive the same high level of service with all our service agreement levels being met. If you have a family member who requires our services, we are offering all our clients a “Family Referral” scheme, so please let us know via the Contact tabs on our website and we will be happy to help. To all our partners and clients, we extend our full support and well wishes at this difficult and challenging time.


Pilot Trusts can be an effective tool in succession planning, enabling you to make provision for family members, friends and charities without the formalities of probate.

A trust may also be used to protect your assets from claims of future creditors or in the event of divorce. For many, trusts are an excellent way of estate planning by reducing tax liabilities and in some cases minimising or eliminating Inheritance Tax altogether. A trust can either be established during your lifetime or on your death under the terms of your Will. Trusts allow you to pass on your wealth to other people you have chosen and are often used to control and protect family assets.

A trust might be created in the following circumstances:

  • when someone is too young to handle their affairs

  • when someone can’t handle their affairs because they are incapacitated

  • to protect the assets for your children from a future spouse

  • to pass on money or property while you are still alive

For further information or an individual assessment of your current tax liability and trust options, please contact us for a personalised discussion with one of our advisers.

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