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Covid-19 update

All our services remain fully operational, with phone, Skype, Teams and other conference calls being conducted in place of face to face meetings. You will still receive the same high level of service with all our service agreement levels being met. If you have a family member who requires our services, we are offering all our clients a “Family Referral” scheme, so please let us know via the Contact tabs on our website and we will be happy to help. To all our partners and clients, we extend our full support and well wishes at this difficult and challenging time.

Our Team

Our team at a glance


  • Gareth Briscoe - Founder & CFO
  • Tracy Briscoe - Co- Founder
  • Andrew Buchan - Managing Director, UK


  • Lucie Buchan - HR Manager
  • Jasmine Prior - Administrator & Will Drafter
  • Ravi Cryer - Administrator

Business Development

  • Charlie Ward - Head of Sales & Marketing
  • Sarah Thompson - Business Development Manager


  • Nathan Hidson - Team Leader
  • Brian Briscoe - Associate Director
  • Rebekka Hayles - Senior Consultant
  • Shanga Mahmoud - Senior Consultant
  • Charlotte Barbaroussis - Senior Consultant
  • Rafaella Papadopoulou - Consultant
  • Zahrah Ahmed - Consultant
  • Kirsty Burke - Consultant
  • Jack Clarke - Consultant

Drafting Team

  • Chloe Knight - Drafting Team Leader & Consultant
  • Sophie Bjorn - Senior Will Drafter & Consultant, Solicitor (non-practising)
  • Megan Williams - Will Drafter
  • Kerry Rigby - Will Drafter & Consultant

Meeting Teams

  • Carole Goodman - Meetings Team Leader
  • Louise Fredericks - Meetings Co-Ordinator & Data Protection Officer
  • Lauren Taylor-Blake - Accounts Administrator/Meetings Co-Ordinator


Gareth Briscoe

Andrew Buchan

As an experienced estate planner I joined James McKenzie in early 2012 to assist on a part time basis, a rapidly expanding business. It became apparent to me early on that the reason for this success was the focus on the client and providing concise structured advice adapted to individual needs. Sharing the same principles and with an enthusiasm to further promote James McKenzie’s values I swiftly moved to become a full time consultant and established myself as an integral part of the future of the business currently now holding the position of Director and leading my own team of consultants delivering a personal and comprehensive service across London and the UK.

Do I enjoy being part of James McKenzie? Most certainly yes. I am provided with a flexible working environment which suits a self-motivated individual such as myself and I am continuously recognised and rewarded for my individual efforts. I am encouraged and fully supported in developing my knowledge through further qualifications and James McKenzie also offers me the chance to be part of an exciting growing business and not only grow alongside it but to play my part in actively shaping the future of the company.


Lucie Buchan

Most of my experience has been in management with over 10 years of senior management roles including being a regional manager in multi luxury retail stores across the UK.I believe that I am extremely hard-working, great at multitasking and always curious with an open-mind. I also obtained my Master’s degree in Economics prior to joining JM IN 2017.

Some of my responsibilities involve interviewing potential new employees and I am often in touch with recruitment agencies when screening for new staff. What inspires me the most are the Directors, here at JM. Watching their hard work, perseverance and sacrifice is truly inspiring. I love that I am constantly learning and developing my skills.

Jasmine Prior

Administrator & Will Drafter

After completing my exams, I wanted to go straight into work and develop my skill set in the professional world. As an Administrator,some of my responsibilities involve assisting clients, answering phone calls and ensuring that things are up to date and are running smoothly. Working at a recruitment agency prior to JM really helped to strengthen my skills.JM being a successful working environment, full of people who support and encourage each other to take on new opportunities, inspires me to be the best that I can be.

At JM, there is so much support and new opportunities where I can develop my role. I am looking forward to seeing how I progress in the next few months, even years here at JM.

Ravi Cryer

Ravi Cryer is the latest edition to our JM family and has hit the ground running in supporting Jasmine in the admin team. If you are calling the office, you are very likely to be in the safe hands of Ravi helping you.

(Bio coming soon)

Business Development

Charlie Ward

My experience is in a very different industry to Will writing however, there is a surprising amount of synergy. Working with large multinational companies, a passion for customer service and service delivery are what inspire me every day at JM.

We strive for long term partnerships and really value the companies we service. From meeting employees at roadshows to supporting our benefit provider relationships, to our 10 year anniversary trip to NYC – every day is varied, challenging and fulfilling. The JM team are dedicated and motivated and generally brilliant to work with! I feel very lucky to be part of such an exciting and growing company.

Sarah Thompson

Business Development Manager

I have been working for James McKenzie since 2012 and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. In that short period of time the company has grown from strength to strength – the future is very exciting!

It is a fantastic company to work for and on a personal note (with having Twins at school), JM are happy to accommodate my family commitments, which is so greatly appreciated. All our staff enjoy their roles within James McKenzie, together with offering a friendly yet professional approach as well as all having fun. The Christmas Parties are a blast.. 


Nathan Hidson

I started my JM journey in 2019. It has been challenging, rewarding and also great fun. I have always had a great interest and passion for law.After completing a degree in Philosophy & Politics, I went on to complete two postgraduate legal diplomas whilst working for a national law firm. I have also completed the SWWEPP (Wills and Estate Practitioners) Diploma to further and deepen my understanding of private client law.

Working with a great team at JM really inspires me to deliver exceptional service in all aspects of my work. It is always a pleasure to be out and about meeting clients and knowing how much they will benefit from our services really motivates me day to day.

I love to travel and working for a company with an international reach really makes JM a special place to work.

Brian Briscoe

Rebekka Hayles

Before taking a big step into my career and moving over to James McKenzie in 2015, I had over 4 years’ experience of Will Writing and working in the legal services industry. With an exceptional amount of knowledge, I started as a Will Writer and shortly progressed to a full-time consultant meeting with a huge range of clients all over the UK. I have recently been promoted as a Senior Consultant and will be graduating from CILEx next year to then acquire my Fellowship status and move onto STEP.

James McKenzie is a professional company who pride themselves with the attentiveness towards each client ensuring that the best advice is given. For what can be a difficult area to approach, James McKenzie deal with the process in the most straightforward and efficient way, and easily adapt to suit client’s personal needs. The encouragement, support and opportunities given are what make working for James McKenzie so rewarding. The team we have is amazing and getting together is always fun!! I love working for James McKenzie and am excited to continue being a strong part of the company’s future and success!

Shanga Mahmoud

I joined JM as a consultant in 2017, with a Bachelor of Law and a Master’s degree in International Commercial Law. I have considerable experience in the industry and have worked as an Inheritance Tax assistant advisor as well as a Contracts Manager and Auditor prior to working for JM.
My client base is varied and although this can be challenging at times, I find that it can be highly rewarding. Being part of a team full of diverse characters inspires and motivates me. I am also safe in the knowledge that JM really takes pride in their employees. The company always encourages and supports the personal development of staff.

Charlotte Barbaroussis

Prior to joining JM in March 2019, I was a private client paralegal for 2 years. I studied at the University of Westminster where I obtained a degree in Law and a postgraduate diploma in Legal Practice.

Being a consultant has allowed me to develop a greater understanding of my client’s needs while tailoring my legal advice in accordance with their wishes. I thoroughly enjoy the client facing aspect of my role and it allows me to meet and engage with up to 20 clients per week. JM provides a great support team and has inspired me to progress and grow in my role. I am most passionate about building and maintaining client relationships and I enjoy attending company events.

Rafaella Papadopoulou

Zahrah Ahmed

Kirsty Burke

Jack Clarke

I joined JM in March 2020 to build on my existing experience as a Litigation Paralegal with the challenge of developing my knowledge in a new area of Law. I began my journey within the Drafting Team, drafting Wills with an excellent support network around me, which enabled me to progress my knowledge/understanding, before moving into a Consultant Role. The main enjoyment from being a Consultant, is the day-to-day interaction with Clients, engaging with them on their tailored needs and providing the support/advice needed on what can be a difficult conversation to approach. JM offers a fantastic working environment and I look forward to being a part of the continued success and growth of the business.

Drafting Team

Chloe Knight

Drafting Team Leader & Consultant

After joining the James McKenzie family in 2015 having never seen a Will before, I have worked my way up to become a senior Will drafter and consultant. Within my role, my legal knowledge is constantly growing and being tested to ensure we offer the best advice to our clients. With every member of our team bringing their own experiences and skills to the business, everyone is highly valued and as I am about to enter my third year, I am extremely proud of how far the business has come. To further my knowledge, I am now completing a law degree through the Open University to develop my career. I look forward to being a part of the continuing successes of James McKenzie!

Sophie Bjorn

Senior Will Drafter & Consultant, Solicitor (non-practising)

I qualified as a Corporate Solicitor in 2007 in the City and after having a family and moving to Sussex in 2013, I crossed over into the world of Will writing. I gained a STEP diploma in Administration of Estates before joining James McKenzie in 2017 in a non-practising role, and I am currently working towards my full TEP qualification. I work both in the Drafting Team and as a Consultant and enjoy the variety that both roles offer me; the technical drafting and client-facing aspects are both interesting and fulfilling.

James McKenzie is a fantastic company to work for and it’s a pleasure to be part of such a close knit team. JM are in the enviable position of being able to offer staff a good work-life balance without compromising on the quality of the product.

Megan Williams

I started working for James McKenzie in November 2017 after finishing my Law & Business A Levels, making this my first full time job. James McKenzie encourages every one of us to grow and develop in our roles and they are extremely supportive in doing so. In the short space of time I have been working here, I have been privileged to be given the opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills in both the meetings and drafting teams, on top of my current role in the admin team.

I enjoy every moment here at James McKenzie, it is so exciting working for such a rapidly growing business. It is also so lovely working for a company with such a professional, friendly team.

Kerry Rigby

Will Drafter & Consultant

Kerry joined the JM Family in November 2020 and despite only ever meeting her colleagues virtually, has settled in quickly and we're proud to have her onboard. Kerry is already displaying the skills to become another star at James McKenzie.

(Full bio coming soon)

Meeting Teams

Carole Goodman

I have worked for James McKenzie since June 2014 and really enjoy working in the Meetings Team. I started as the only person booking meetings and as the company has grown so quickly and successfully in such a short space of time, I have now been given the opportunity to head a small team managing the consultants’ diaries, organising travel arrangements and liaising with HR contacts in multi-national companies.

James McKenzie is a great place to work, everyone is friendly. We are actively encouraged to progress within the company and frequently rewarded with sweets, biscuits and hot scones!

Louise Fredericks

Meetings Co-Ordinator & Data Protection Officer

I joined the JM team in 2014 on a temporary basis and quickly moved to a permanent position in 2015. The company have continued to grow and so has my position here, as a Data Protection officer and being part of the Meetings team.

Some of my key responsibilities as a Data Protection Officer include; maintaining records of all data processing activities conducted by JM and to ensure that they comply with the GDPR requirements.

JM is a great company to work for, offering flexibility, great rewards and a strong friendly team.

Lauren Taylor-Blake

Accounts Administrator/Meetings Co-Ordinator

Prior to joining JM in 2018, I obtained a Diploma in business and worked in private education with considerable experience in administration. I have acquired great time management, problem solving and organisational skills through the years which has benefited me in terms of my current role at JM.

My team here at JM are very supportive and this motivates me to work hard and deliver a great level of service to ensure that all our clients are satisfied. Every day is different at JM, I love my team and the fun we have.